chiro-services-newThe experience at Core Wellness Centers is like no other. Dr. JoAnn has an ability to listen and is able to treat any injuries or pain, even ones that you have had for a long time. Start the healing process today…

Also, at Core Wellness Centers, there is NO CRACKING, TWISTING OR POPPING.

You and Chiropractic

Results- Today’s chiropractic methods produce results without drugs or surgery. Your body is at work regulating and repairing itself.

Nerves- Impulses flowing over your nervous system control how well your body works.

Stress- Physical, chemical or emotional stresses often overloads your nervous system.

Subluxation- Muscles tighten, spinal joints lock and nearby nerves are chocked or irritated.

Interference – This nerve interference can affect organs and tissues throughout your body.

Examination- A thorough examination locates the exact source of the nerve interference.

Adjustment – A precise force, at the right time and place, revives your ability to selfheal.

Healing- Well Being returns as repeated visits retrain and strengthen your spine.

Wellness- Then, periodic chiropractic checkups help you stay well after you get well.

You hold the key. How long you benefit from chiropractic care is up to you!