Vibracussor Technology

vibracussor-blurb-2The benefits of using VibraCussor therapy are numerous. The instrument penetrates deep into the joint tissue and surrounding areas, stimulating them. Fluids that lubricate the joints can then enter the area and help regain motion.

The fascia tissue is something commonly overlooked by most people. Fascia is a coating that surrounds the muscle and various parts throughout your body, keeping your structure strong. This tissue can become tense as well.Injuries and stress can tighten this tissue restricting movement, nerve and blood flow. The VibraCussor helps to restore your body’s range of motion.

The instrument can even benefit the overall nervous system. Muscles and connective tissue can tighten within the spine and neck area, disrupting the nervous system line of communication. With proper technique, the VibraCussor loosens these restrictions, allowing your body to resume proper function such as heart rate, breathing, and reflexes.

Some areas such as the lymph system control your immune system and can become swollen or irritated, especially against allergies. Targeting these areas with the VibraCussor can alleviate the pressure, and help your body’s immune system function properly.

The VibraCussor has also been used for hand and foot remedies, loosening the joints and tissues to allow proper use of the appendages. Your feet hold you up, so how they feel affects how you walk, which affects your back, legs and muscles throughout your body.