If you suffer from back or neck pain, we have the right solution for you!

Our wellness centers will not just make your back and neck feeling better, but we’ll also make sure to prevent any ongoing pain in the future! Call us for more information.


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It’s about a painless recovery

Our wellness centers have never been about just fixing things!

We always make sure that we are on par with healing back and neck issues, as well as focusing on your overall wellness.

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Do you suffer from back or neck pain or want to prevent it?

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Why our Wellness Centers are the best?

Arthrostim Technology

As technology advances, so do chiropractic techniques. Instrument adjusting has become the fastest growing form of chiropractic manipulation due to its precision, comfort, safety and results for the patient. The chiropractic instruments of choice are the ArthroStim and VibraCussor.

Vibracussor Technology

The benefits of using VibraCussor therapy are numerous. The instrument penetrates deep into the joint tissue and surrounding areas, stimulating them. Fluids that lubricate the joints can then enter the area and help regain motion.

Neuro Functional Therapy

Neuro Functional Therapy is done with the intent toward healing a specific musculoskeletal condition. Both tight musculature and taunt joint capsules are treated to increase patient’s mobility.

See what our Happy Patients say

My experience at Core Wellness Center was great! I was a pitcher for many years; the wear and tear on my arm was intense. Between the Chiropractic care and massage, it has helped me immensely.


Core Wellness Center has a wonderful atmosphere! Each member of their team greets you with a smile. They have helped with my sciatic pain. No matter what your age, the Chiropractic care here works wonders.


I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at Core Wellness Center. I love the massage and the no popping, cracking, or twisting. They use so many different methods to make you feel good.


Do you suffer from neck or back pain or want to prevent it completely?

Get in touch with our wellness centers today, to avoid feeling bad about your
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